We carry all major contact lens brands and our doctors will ensure you have a lens that fits properly and offers you the best vision possible. We also work closely with the lens manufacturers to offer competative lens pricing and rebates that are not available to online or big box vendors.

Hard to Fit Contacts

There are many different eye conditions that require specific kinds of contact lenses, but finding the right kind isn’t always easy. There are lenses designed for certain eye conditions, such as an astigmatism, dry eyes, keratoconus, etc. but comfort is a very important aspect of correcting your vision, so be sure to find lenses that fit your eye properly.

Soft Contact Lenses are typically the best option for most people. They allow the eye to breathe and receive moisture, and can be helpful for people suffering from dry eye as well. Most of these lenses are disposable, so you can revive your eyes with a fresh pair of lenses whenever necessary.

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